Strength Days @ The Sands

Weather: 85. Humid. Typical. 2 PAX (Floss & Grape Juice) showed up early for the Pre-Run. Hugo said he would run if it wasn't raining. It didn't rain. He didn't run. He also didn't come to the workout, but I also skipped the run so I can't say much. PAX: Chubbs, Conroy, Mountaineer, Floss, Grape … Continue reading Strength Days @ The Sands

Burpees on the Blocks

12 pax started there week of in the positive. Pony(Q), Fester, Grape Juice, Refried, Brown Down, Jingaling, Ham, Fumes, Crack , PePe, Mountaineer, and 1 Mile all put in the hard work this morning to start there week off right! Started off with a burpee ladder mixing in SSH, Imperial Walkers, TTT, and some stretching … Continue reading Burpees on the Blocks