American Flags on a string

Pax - Brandy, Gray Matter, Conroy Conditions  - 69 - light  breeze American Flags on a string Warmup- SSH x25, TTTx 12, IW x 10, HillBillys x 10, Air chair LBC fwd, bed, OC, and RTR x 12 mosey - through park to first American flag we see on Carteret - 16 dips, next flag … Continue reading American Flags on a string

F3 Beaufort Announcements

Beaufort High Impact Men, The current crisis has presented us with an opportunity to accelerate our mission through better communication and structure. The first change is that we will now be lead by F3Readymix (Brandon Brock) who will take the reigns as Nantan for the Beaufort Area. In the coming days and weeks, Readymix will … Continue reading F3 Beaufort Announcements

2TI overnight and Bull Point convergence June 22 & 23

As announced at the Cologny convergence, The Anchor is hosting an overnight at 2TI fish camp on Friday night, June 22. We will cook dinner for  all that want to come out and enjoy some fellowship at this unique camp on Club Bridge Creek/Trenchards Inlet. We will also pick up Happy Campers from Station Creek … Continue reading 2TI overnight and Bull Point convergence June 22 & 23