PAX: Peaches (QIC), Sawed Off, Swanson, Cable Guy (Respect), 12-Gauge, CAT-D, Cockaboose, Buckeye, Popcorn Sutton, Gambit, Compost, Big Spur, Judge Judy, Bodhi, Motor Boat.

Conditions: 72, humidity creeping

Disclaimer: Push yourself but do not get injured.

Warm Up: NOPE

Mosey to Prichard/Bridge SSH x 10 IC

Mosey to Bridge, Bear Crawl the Bridge

Mosey to Calhoun/Bridge TTT x 10 IC

Mosey to COTC

Thang: Traveling/Ascending BOMBS

O-verhead Claps
B-obby Hurleys

Calhoun/Water 5 BOMBS
Calhoun/Alan 10 BOMBS
Calhoun/Bridge 15 BOMBS
Bridge/Boundary 20 BOMBS
Nickel Pumpers 25 BOMBS
Old Red Fish Parking Lot 30 BOMBS

Several PAX counting IC and helping the Q count along the way.

Mosey to Flag


Dirty Dog/Alabama ass kicker combo x 10 IC (each leg)

30 second low plank



-Convergence Saturday at Coligny 630 AM. Also the Yacht club anniversary.
-Memorial Day Murph 6:30 MOB. Cold Plunge After at Brent Whitakers
-Buck needs some Love, make an effort to post there this week.


-Unspoken Gambit


-This workout put YHC on his heals, but since he was leading had no option but to finish.
-Good to see 12-Gauge and CAT-D outside of the P-200
-Good crowd this am, mumble chatter low due to Humidity

Always a pleasure to LEAD, Peaches out!

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