Calhoun street ladder

PAX: Buckeye, Motorboat, Ball Cock, Squealer, Gambit, Compost, Judge Judy, Bodhi, Kiffin, Popcorn Summit, Cockaboose (QIC)

Conditions: 70ish – a tad steamy until the 6am breeze

Disclaimer: We’ll get sweaty, but I promise not to slap you around like Gambit did on Monday. Oh, and don’t get hurt.

Warm up:

TTT x 12
5 Merkins, OYO
Windmills x 10
5 Merkins, OYO
Imperial Walkers x 20
5 Merkins, OYO
AC x 12, both directions
5 Merkins, OYO
High Knees x 20
5 Squats IC

Ring of Fire
SSH until all PAX do 5 Merkins & 5 BBSU


Mosey to Bridge on Bridge, Broad Jump across
Mosey to corner of Water & Calhoun
Set Ladder: 10-10 BBSU & Squats at Water & Calhoun (home base), 5-10-15 Burpees, Merkins, Bobby Hurley’s at each ladder rung

Fast mosey up Calhoun, 5-10-15 at each rung, easy mosey back to Water

Rinse & Repeat up Calhoun

Indian Run to flag

Al Gore til time




  • Weigh In today, results to be posted


  • Kids finishing school year, starting new schools in the fall
  • Missing PAX
  • General Community


  • Still blows me away people will do what you ask them. Doesn’t always seem to work at home
  • Nice job by Popcorn to get back at it
  • Sleep is critical – having the Q only thing getting me there this morning
  • Motorboat is no longer injured – he’s back!
  • That 6am breeze is undefeated! And can only make you chuckle…

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