Block Stacking fun

Conditions: 68, calm, clear

PAX: Bartman (R), Schnitzel (R), Hardhat, Chumbucket, Radar (QIC)

Disclaimer: Same speech different day

Warmup: MPx10, TTTx10, Shoulder/Lat stretch, IWx10, Calf Stretch, Leg Stretches, Mosey to boneyard.

Thang: Stacking Block workout. Each PAX has a CMU block. All exercises are stacked then run each ring of parking lot, shortest to longest ring after exercise.

10 BBSU, run first ring

+20 Overhead Presses, run second ring

+30 Squats, run third ring

+40 Curls, run forth ring

+50 Military Presses, run entire parking lot

Once complete, continue back down ladder stack. Most PAX made up, down and back up halfway…great work!

Mary: Each PAX called out their favorite on your six exercise, Flutters x 10, Hello Dollies x 10, Leg Lift x 10, Pickle Pointers x 6…RECOVER!

Announcements: Dragon Boat race available for signup.

COT: Unspokens. At my daughters prom this weekend it reminded YHC that we only get a brief moment on this earth…seems like yesterday, I was holding her in my arms as a baby. The rest is eternal and where the real work begins. Therefore, keep running hard and press on. Encourage one another, there is much we can do in this brief time together!

Moleskin: Many were still reminded of all the Schnitzel induced harm from Saturday’s post. Bartman wondered by CMU blocks were fatter on one end. The stretching was a crowd favorite. Schnitzel’s inability to go over time had us wondering if he passed out or just quit at 6 reps.

Always an honor…Radar out.


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