Q-Sheet motivation

25 March 2023 – The Yacht Club

Weather: 63, mid/low humidity, light breeze to assuage the pesky noseeums.

Last minute notice given that TYC needed a Q. Always the patsy, Schnitzel volunteered.

Pax on Deck: Bartman (r), Jake From State Farm, Spaghetti Oh, Spaulding (r), Sleeveless, Chumbucket and YHC.

The Mission of F3 is to plant, serve and grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer given, waivers signed (sighed).

Warmup: The Motivator and a few stretches.

Small Field circle with good music: Unchained, Deal, NFA->GDTRFB, Gets Me Through, You Should be Glad, Jacobs Ladder.

The Thang: “51’s” – 40 BBS -> 10 & 11 Merkins -> 40, followed by a lap around the park to be in solidarity to the P200 guys.

The math works out to 400 BBS & 416 Merkins.

Mary: The Motivator and a few stretches.

COT – Life is a gift and so are you guys.

Moleskin: Probably a good idea to work out the math before embracing the post. But then we wouldn’t have had a chance to knock out some arm-shaking gut busters.

Always a privilege, gentlemen.


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