Hip Pocket Q’s Suck

Conditions: 68, Clear, Calm

PAX: JV, Glow, Spam, Bartman (R), Big Al, Spagetti-O, Radar (QIC)

Disclaimer: Not trained prof, don’t get hurt…

Warmup: SSHx20, TTTx10, IWx10, HBx10, MPx10, Mosey to bike racks do 50 pull-ups OYO

Thang: Plan was to tour boardwalk, but town had not paid their light bill so YHC pulled out a hip pocket Q. Mosey to boneyard for some blockwork. Pair up and get one block each for DORA. Partner runs to elevated crosswalk and back while other does exercise.

-100 Blockees

-200 Overhead presses

-300 Curls

-400 Bench presses


-Brief amount of flutters x 15


Announcements: 2nd F at HH Brewery tonight. Spaghetti-O awarded the Captain’s cover to JV for encouraging fellow PAX to keep going with F3…great leadership JV!

Prayers: JV family, Radar’s friend who lost wife to cancer, Bluffton PAX running P200, unspokens

Moleskin: YHC plan was to enjoy the beautiful scenery with a mosey along our new boardwalk, yet the town decided not pay their light bill. Change of plan to a hip pocket Q which will always suck. Glow identified it did suck indeed. Blockees are certainly a fan favorite by the amount of mumble-chatter. Blocks should be occasionally rinsed in fountain as they smelled of cigarette butts. With only one “Respect” called out, it seems TYC is getting younger.

Always an honor…Radar out


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