Saturday 11 March 2023 TYC Backblast

TYC, Saturday, 11 March

Weather: Awesome! Skies clear with cotton-candy cloud cover and mystic blue pools partially painted by a piquant of brushed strokes of titanium white clouds and a full morning moon over the Broad Creek. The birds full breast of song declaring to all that Spring is nigh and hope abounds! The palms rushed upon the fronds as bustling breezes intoned their dance as sandpaper scuffed to a jazzy tune to backfill the songbirds’ diddy. It’s the Most Beautiful AO in the World!!

Pax on Deck: Noticeably absent were Spaulding, Tubbs, Hard Hat and JV. JV posted (or so was said) at the Charleston Convergence. Spaulding watched a 1/2 day of golf down the road and was “too tired” after such an arduous trek to possibly post. Hard Hat enjoys fartsacking more than manly deeds; Tubbs reports that he is “formulating a plan” to return to the gloom, although none could cogitate on what further plans may be involved aside from A. Set Alarm; B. Get Up; C. Show up. One mustn’t make this too complicated. Although the best excuse I’ve heard all year has been: “I don’t want to be too competitive.” Other Pax included Gecko, Sleeveless, Radar, Minivan, Chum Bucket, Singlet and YHC, Schnitzel, QIC.

Warmup: TTT 15x, since we aint afraid to go past 10; high knees; SSH 25x, IW & hillbillies

Mosey to boneyard for cinderblock coupons and back to small field for:

Round 1: 25 curls; bear crawl to opposite side of field; 25 Shoulder Taps; lunge back; 25 tricep extensions; bear crawl; 25 j-Los; lunge back; 25 Overhead Press; bear crawl; 25 HR Merkins, lunge back, 25 Curls.

Round 2: 25 Curls; short lap around field; 25 BBSU, lap; 25 V-Ups, lap; 25 Getups, lap; 25 American Hammers, lap & 25 Curls.

Repeat Round 1.

Stretches to include star stretches, runner stretches, neck rolls, etc.

COT: I don’t recall.

Moleskin: Radar forgot the music, which would have been better.


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