Monday Morning blues

The Bus Depot Back Blast for Monday, 13 March 2023

Weather: Cloudy and 58

Pax on Deck: Mater, Doubtfire (DR/Knoxville) Minivan, Chumbucket, & YHC, fill-in Q for Fartsacking Radar:

Warmup: TTT, high knees, butt kickers, AC/F, AC/R and raise the roof.

The Thang: Since YHC has a ready-made Q from his most recent Q on Saturday, we rinsed, wring & Use Again!

Mosey to boneyard for cinderblock coupons and back to small field for:

Round 1: 25 curls; bear crawl to opposite side of parking lot; 15 Shoulder Taps; lunge back; 15 tricep extensions; bear crawl; 15 j-Los; lunge back; 15 Overhead Press; bear crawl; 15 HR Merkins, lunge back, 25 Curls.

Round 2: 25 Curls; short lap around lot; 15 BBSU, longer lap; 15 V-Ups, longer lap; 15 Getups, lap; 15 American Hammers, longest lap & 25 Curls.

Stretches to include arm stretches, standing runner stretches, neck rolls, etc.


Moleskin: Radar has my next Q


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