PAX: Bartman, MiniVan, Spaulding, JV, Spaghetiio, HardHat, Chumbucket, NaeNae

Conditions: 40, clear, breezy

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger, and faster today.  

Warmup:  SSHx25IX, Squatsx20IC, Mekinsx20IX, IWx10IC, MPx10IC, TTTx10IC, WMx10IC

Thang: On the move Q from The Bus Depot to The Yacht Club 

  • MiniVan leads the group to the old Automotive lot where we found 4 old tires.  Splitting into 2 teams we alternated flipping and carrying the tires around the lot.
    • 5 Burpees & 25 Merkins ¼ lap
    • 5 Burpees & 25 Squats ¼ lap
    • 5 Burpees & 25 BBSU ¼ lap
    • 5 Burpees & 25 Crunchy Frogs ¼ lap
    • 5 Burpees & 25 dips – return tires to “gated” entry
  • Bartman takes the lead to the new Lowcountry Community Park located off Union Cemetery
    • Finds a “hill” backward bear crawl uphill and then flutters
    • backwards bear crawl uphill and then burpees
    • Move over to the split rail fence for 11’s
    • Squats on one side climb through fence for burpees (no splinters)
    • Upon exiting the park, Bartman finds pavers for everyone to carry 👎
  • JV takes the lead to Chaplain park on Burkes Beach Road
    • After carrying the pavers for 1-½ miles JV thought it would be a good idea to do a paver workout.
    • Partner up and do the following for apx 30sec while your partner holds a static move with the pavers
    • Lateral raises, bent over row, upright row, curl, tricep extension, overhead press, front raise and probably a few others
    • And a mix in of burpees here and there
  • Spaulding reclaims the lead to head back to Shelter Park, cutting in near the sheriff station to meander along the path next to Broad Creek

Mary: OOT

Done! Announcements:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Prayer: Bartmans Nephew- Colton.  Spauldings mother.

Moleskin: 8 PAX started their weekend and their Saturday off right.  All 8 rolled or ran into TBD at about the same time and the feeling was pretty much “This is it”  Bartman started his morning earlier than most running from TYC to TBD.  With nautical twilight in the distance we made our way down the pathway to the car lot.  Everyone loved MiniVan’s creativity.  Splitting into teams was difficult for JV and Nae Nae to understand and they quickly had it messed up.  Making our way back down the path and passing several good spot to cut into the community park, Bartman insisted we enter at the official entrance off Union Cemetery.  With Civil twilight we began our work.  Bartman assured all that all fire ant hills were marked.  After a careful inspection, Spaulding agreed.  Moving over to the split rail fence for 11’s.  Nae Nae was concerned about splinters in some areas.  After a full inspection by HardHat we pressed on.  Fulfilling the utterly pointless part of the morning Bartman gifted all PAX with 2 pavers for the remainder of the journey.  Running the pathway (or most of it) Spaulding and Spaghettio clearly thought the path should go straight through Port Royals entrance, (Maybe saving 1/10 of a mile) JV led us through the full sunrise into Chaplain Park.  Lacking creativity we stood in a circle, shared stories, jokes and did lots of arm/ paver work.  HardHat offered to pick up the pavers if we left them, but everyone kind of kept moving with them.  MiniVan clearly thought he knew where he was going until Chumbucket asked him “where are you going?”  Spaulding leading the charge into the Broad Creek trail head, along the marshes and into TYC we ran into Gecko and his pup.  Circled up at the flagand closed out the morning.  JV had his hands full unloading ½ of Nae Naes kitchen for THE BREAKFAST that was requested.  Although none of those that requested breakfast showed up.  Undeterred, Nae Nae proceeded to cook a full breakfast for the remaining PAX (JV left for IRC, Bartman leaving for work)  Probably the coldest morning to tailgate in the parking lot.  Our coffee was cold within minutes, the grills struggled to heat up, but 30 minutes later we were eating a solid breakfast.  Not one complaint during the run, during workouts, during coffee, during breakfast.  All PAX got it done, helped each other, encouraged each other, cleaned up together and even went on a scavenger hunt of shedded clothing and tires from the morning.  Until next time….


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