Wandering merkins

25 January 2023

The Bus Depot

7 Pax on Deck: Minivan (R); Bartman(R), Radar, Singlet, Fish Sticks, Tubbs & YHC, Schnitzel (R) QIC.

WU: TTT, AC +/-, Arm Stretches, Michael Phelps, Motivator 10 – 7.

Mosey around the perimeter of TBD, stopping at various locations doing 5, 10, 15 & 20 Merkins. 4 sets were completed.

Mary: Pax-chosen, on-six sets of 10 of: flutters, windshield wipers, rosalitas, pickle pointers, freddy mercuries, LBC’s, star gazers.

COT: Praises for Radar’s cousin showing dramatic recovery; for Bartman’s 11 yo nephew whose cancer has come back after remission.

Moleskin: Bartman still showing signs of anger; inadvertently showing Fish Sticks that in order to be a good leader, you gotta be a good follower. Fish Sticks led us to a new, adventure out on the boardwalk by the middle school.


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