Deja vu





Ball Cock



Sawed off

Judy QIC


SSH x 10

1 Burpee

TTT x 10

2 B

AC fwd x 10

3 B

AC rev x 10

4 B 

WM x 10

5 B

SSH x 10

6 B

TTT x 10

7 B

AC fwd x 10

8 B

AC rev x 10

9 B 

WM x 10

10 B

Mosey .5 m


DORA: 100 merkins, 150 big boys, 200 squats, 50 Burpees

Mosey .5 m

Mary: backscratchers x 15, AB x 15, flutters x 5

Prayer Requests: prayers for healing and comfort for Bartman’s nephew.


Sell BBQ

March 4-5 family trip to GWL.

March 24-26 P200. Want to run? Let me know.


  1. Another day with 100+ burpees.
  2. Gambit crossed the line again, which was expected and appreciated.
  3. Quiet group this morning. They just got to work.
  4. The only thing quieter was YHC and Peaches plunging in the pitch dark after a detailed discussion about saltwater gators. Picture below.

JJ out

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