Keep It Simple STUPID (KISS)

Local PAX On Deck: (2) Bartman (R), Tubbs (QIC)

Visiting PAX on Deck: ()  

Conditions: About 52˚ and damp

Disclaimers: I am not a trained professional and you are working out at your own risk.  If you are injured, please modify.

Purpose: Primary = To push ourselves and each other to be stronger, faster, and sharper in all facets of life.  Secondary = Get in some obstacle course training.


  • Mosey to the Parking Deck
  • TTT (OYO during conversation)


  • Run up the parking deck stopping at each corner to perform five (5) burpees
  • Run down the deck
  • Rest for about 30-60 seconds
  • Run up and down the parking deck without stopping
  • Run up the parking deck stopping at each corner to perform five (5) burpees
  • Return to bottom floor via the stairs
  • Total Mileage: Between 1.64 and 3.0 depending on whose watch you are looking at.
  • Total Burpees: 120

Cool Down: Mosey back to the fountain


  • None that we are aware of


  • Male leadership in our families, friendships and community


  • YHC showed up with two plans methodically crafted to every detail, depending on the amount of puddles, and attendees.  Both were simple, but intended to push ourselves in different ways. The KISS principle is underutilized.
  • The current workout was agreed to by both PAX, and somewhat enthusiastically (by both), because we both felt that we needed to do something hard today…and I’m behind a little bit this year for my goal for end of year.
  • Long discussion about instilling discipline in kids, and the frustrations when they just don’t do what they know they can
  • I truly appreciate Bartman pushing me beyond my limits today, and allowing me to vent some frustrations.

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