A Cold Shieldlock

Local PAX On Deck: (3) Minivan (R), Alright Alright, Tubbs (QIC)

Visiting PAX on Deck: (1) Popeye’s (DR-Washington DC)

Conditions: Cold

Disclaimers: I am not a trained professional and you are working out at your own risk.  If you are injured, please modify.

Purpose: To push ourselves and each other to be stronger, faster, and sharper in all facets of life.   


  • Mosey to the parking garage…too cold
  • TTT (x10 IC)


  • Run up the parking deck starting at the back corner near the kayaks
  • Start with jump rope for 100 skips
  • Stop at each corner after and perform the following exercises: squats, burpees, big boy situps, American hammers
  • Round 1, start at 5 reps of each exercise; round 2, start at 10 each.  Increase by 5 at each level
  • Return to start via stairway

Cool Down: Mosey back to the fountain


  • January 7th – The Return of the PAX
  • 3rd F at Java Burrito to be on January 10th
  • CommitmentK this Saturday


  • Travelers
  • Alright Alright’s M who is expecting


  • The three (3) “locals” all admitted, that there was concern that anybody else was showing up, and would have left had they not seen other cars.
  • Popeye’s gets some major kudos for going to the Memorial Park, but then doing his own workout and staying until the COT – he saw the cars and jump rope bag and figured nobody else was dumb enough to be outside at that time
  • In depth discussion on the difficulties of recruiting – not everybody sees the need unfortunately
  • Alright Alright’s wife is expecting and is due in April, but YHC still EH’d him to attend the Heritage.
  • Somebody previously suggested that Minivan wasn’t a strong jump roper…looks like he has improved.
  • YHC rolled up at the last second as a result of having to stop and fill the car up with gas out of fear of not making it to the AO.
  • A pleasure and a privilege as always

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