Cluster Q?

Local PAX On Deck: (7) Minivan (R), Schnitzel (R), Spaulding (R), JV, NaeNae, Chai (FNG), Tubbs (QIC)

Visiting PAX on Deck: (0)

Conditions: Temp 54˚ and clear; Wind = SSW @ 6 mph; Humidity = 85%; Pressure = 30.11; Ground = Wet

Disclaimers: I am not a trained professional and you are working out at your own risk.  If you are injured, please modify.

Purpose: To push ourselves and each other to be stronger, faster, and sharper in all facets of life.   

Warm-up: Refer to the Thang

Thang: Tabata (Adapted Before the Workout); 20 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds rest.

  • Round #1: 1 Set of each
    • Side Straddle Hops
    • TTT (Cut short due to an individual clapping – I hate the clapping)
    • Imperial Walkers (Started late due to the penalty burpees)
    • Michael Phelps
    • Hillbillies
    • Arm circles forwards
    • Arm Circles backwards
    • Copperhead Squats
  • Round #2: Alternate sets 4 times
    • Merkins
    • Bonnie Blairs
  • Round #3: Alternate sets 4 times
    • Merkin Jack
    • Squats
  • Round #4: 8 Sets
    • Burpees
  • Mary: 1 Minute of each without rest between
    • Big Boy Situps
    • Freddy Mercury
    • American Hammers
    • ARod’s (JLo to pickle pounder)
    • Low Plank
  • Repeat rounds 2-4 for only 2 sets of each (except burpees, which was 4 sets)
  • Complete Mary again in its entirety

Cool Down: Lap around the “Park Hot Lap” – The name of the loop on Strava


  • Christmas Party on the 11th and kids are invited
  • 3rd F at Java Burrito: Chapter 8 (I think) of Redeeming Your Time
  • Open House on 08-09Dec2022 at Hilton Head Island Coffee Roaster’s (Chai’s Business)  If this isn’t the correct website, I’m sure that somebody will let me know very quickly


  • Joey’s Daughter Cecilia as she recovers from her fall, and has developed a slight fever.  Prayers they aren’t related
  • Tripp’s Father-in-Law, Bob as he continues recovery. 
  • That we would be a source of encouragement to those who have not posted in some time, whether or not they post again


  • This workout was planned the day before, with the timings in mind.  With that said, nothing went right from there.
  • The tone was set when YHC arrived and the outlets were covered with garbage bags to protect the timers for the Christmas lights, so additional time was required for the setup.
  • The PAX so subtly started moving out of confusion, with comments, to which I may have responded in a hostile manner not knowing there was an FNG.  See Proverbs 13:3 for some solid advice…
  • I left my watch at home, so I asked if a fellow PAX would be so kind as to let me know when time was up.  You all know who stepped to the plate with a smile.
  • The frustration continued when the timer didn’t work (which was tested this morning prior to departing the house).  The natural response was to throw the remote full force at the timer.  Clearly it fixed the issue, because it worked when I got home.  And yes, YHC checked it IMMEDIATELY upon arrival.
  • The list of perceived issues with the Q includes, but is not limited to: not hearing the buzzer from the timer, poor time keeping (trying to keep the time on iPhone), accusations of not planning even though I had a sheet of paper with the exercises, no music (speaker was in the car, but had to be scrapped due to the issues with the outlet), the Qs personality
  • ARod’s are listed in the Exicon, and was selected specifically in homage to Schnitzel and Minivan who posted yesterday.  Yesterday’s tone was much different than todays…
  • YHC offered the Q to JV midway through, who declined
  • Apparently, Schnitzel is a master of the Constellations, and we continued the discussion of light vs. dark that started a few weeks ago.
  • Chai’s response to his name, “So it’s not about the coffee?”  No, no it’s not.   Welcome to the PAX brother!
  • Despite waking up at 4:30 (which I hate) and all of the above abuse, it’s a privilege and pleasure to lead in the gloom. 
  • If you’re reading these backblasts, but not posting, you’re missing out and we hope you will join us again. 
  • Tubbs OUT!

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