Wednesday @ The Bus Depot

23 November 2022 – a day that will live in Infamy

Perfect weather for a pre-Turkey Day workout.

Pax on Deck: Minivan, Bartman, Dow (DR) & YHC, Schnitzel – all respect, all the time!

Warm up: 12 x TTT (’cause I aint afraid of 10); 10x Imperial Walkers & 10 – 7 Motivators

The Thang:

X=(n + n!) + Y =(2n + 2n!) + nZ

Where n = 1 – 4 reps

X= Burpees,BBS, JLos & Getups

Y=Merkins, American Hammers, Shoulder Taps & Toe Touch Squats

Z=Lap around parking lot

Mary: 6-1 Motivators

The workout is now Officially Designated as, “The Schnitzel”

Got a lot to be thankful for boys.


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