Man Boobs!


Weather – 63 Degrees

On Deck: Tubbs, Schnitzel, Radar, Hard Hat (Qic).

Warm Up: TTT, Arm Circles both directions, Michael Phelps, Merkins. Stretch on your own for 60 seconds.

The Thang: We fetched our head lamps and reflective safety equipment and headed out into the darkness of the Bus Station. We made several stops along the way at every location that had a park bench. We started with 5 merkins, 5 derkins and 5 incline push-ups (can’t remember what they are called). We increased the count by 5 until we hit 20 and then backed them down by 5 each stop towards the finish line. This was a total chest workout and the weather was perfect for the running once we started moving. Stop 1, elementary school front entrance, stop 2, Rec center basketball court (wanted to see if Spaulding was doing a motivator by himself since he was not at the warmup). Stop 3, bus parking at middle school, stop 4, middle school front entrance, stop 5, front entrance of the high school, stop 6, back to the Rec center to see if Mini Van showed up. Stop 7, front entrance of the elementary school. We then proceeded back to the flag with 5 minutes remaining. We did a few extra credit merkins and then stretched for the last 2 minutes.

Mary: Nope

Announcement: 2nd F coffee this morning. River House weekend and next week 2nd F with the M’s somewhere mid island.

Prayers: The folks affected by the Hurricane.

Moleskin: Schnitzel was complaining about the fit of the F3 shirts and that they make his fat look fat. Radar commented on for the 27th time about why the school runs the generator every morning. I gave him the same answer for the 27th time, “I don’t know”. Tubbs showed up a little tired but sporting his Georgia Bulldog hooded sweatshirt. He was a little upset that he had to stay up late watching the game Saturday instead of going to bed at halftime because of the typical blowout. Radar was thrilled with the Old Miss win and Schnitzel was not.


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