Strength and flexibility

28 Sept 22 BB for The Bus Depot

Pax on Deck: Tubbs, Minivan(r), Hard Hat, Spaulding(r), Bartman(r), Nae Nae, Schnitzel(r) QIC

Experimental Hump Day workout focused on strength and flexibility.

WU: TTT, IW, Hillbillies, Arm Stretches, Michael Phelps, Star Stretches

The Thang: Inch Worm Merkins from one end of the parking lot to the other, followed by Star Stretches and two-count lunge walk, repeat to the end.

Getups and leg stretch with two-count lunge walk back to the start.

Stretches and Star Gazers to close it out.

Mumble Chatter: Shingles was cited as hoping for a stronger hurricane so he can continue to make payments for the 54 shirts he bought three years ago; F3 Lowcountry shirt design skills are legendarily poor and we should celebrate that; Hard Hat was concerned as being seen as anti-semetic (but was assured that such was not the case.) Mustang was conspicuously absent after his incredulousness as to the mileage yesterday; Bartman discovered that today’s workout was ideally suited for his rucksack; Minivan compelled me to recall all the mumblechatter; however, this is all you get.

Moleskin: Felt like my previous few workouts were a little over the top. Not every post has to “kill, crush, destroy.” I hope a little variation was appreciated.

YHC – Schnitzel


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