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CONDITIONS: 75, CLEAR, SSW 0-3KTS, Mildly-fallish

PAX: Bartman, Hardhat, Swanson, MiniVan, Tubbs, Sqwid-QIC

WARM-UP: TTT x 10, AC x 10 two ways, MP x 10, IW x 10, Mosey a lap around the parking lot.


Let’s work our way through a deck that is all royal cards.

Hearts: BBSU

Spades: Leg Lifts

Diamonds: Windshield Wipers

Clubs: Crunch Frogs

The were a couple of laps and a couple of suicides thrown in to keep it from being boring.


COT: Praise for the success of surgery for Bartman’s nephew and his positive prognosis. Unspoken requests.


-The fire alarm in Hardhat’s building is effective.

-PAX will complain, regardless of the plan. If moving to the grass helps, by all means, move to the grass.

-TClaps to Tubbs for keeping the group straight on exercise/reps.

It’s always an honor to lead.

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