PAX: Big Spur, Peaches (QIC), Buckeye, Stones!, Cockaboose, Compost, Cowbell

Weather: 72

Mission: Plant, Serve, Grow small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer: Push yourself and your PAX but not to injury.


SSH x 20 IC

TTT x 10 IC

Indian Run to Bridge to wait for late PAX, Continue Indian Run to Bridge/Heyward.

Bombs Stack. Burpee, Overhead Press, Merkin, Bobby Hurley, Squats

5 BOMBS Bridge/Heyward

10 BOMBS Bridge/Wharf

15 BOMBS Huger Bridge

20 BOMBS Bridge/Calhoun

25 BOMBS Bridge/Boundary

30 B—- Bridge/Prichard

Mosey to Flag.

Out of time, finish OMBS OYO



-Ambien with Thursday Iron Pax Q at the Buck

-Compost with Saturday Q

-Reach out to fellow PAX or friend to join F3 to grow our AO.


-Foodstamps family

-Praise for Boose mothers successful surgery.


-Cowbell does not participate in Iron Pax Challenge. He IS the IRON PAX

-Good to have Stones back in the Gloom, he must have been going to Burn since he crushed this WO.

-Big Spur not happy we didn’t descend the Stack. Next time Big Guy.

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