Compost Q

PAX Present: Peaches (QIC), Big Spur, Cock-a-boose, McFlurry, Cable Guy (Respect).

NOT Present PAX : Compost, Stones, Sawed Off, Gambit, Squealer, Swanson, Buckeye, Judge Judy, Cowbell, ETC, ETC…………………

Conditions: 81, no wind

Disclaimer/Mission: Push yourself and your fellow PAX. The Mission of F3 is to Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of Male Community Leadership.

Warm Up:

TTT x 10 IC

Mosey to Prichard and Tabby for Introduction of the Thang:

Fertilizer 5-10-15 for Big Spur (present) and Stones (not Present) 5 Burpee/ 10 Merkin/ 15 LBC’s

Perform above exercises at each corner of 5K route, PAX stay together and Indian Run long stretches.




-Q Sheet is Wide Open, If you HC show up.

-Reach out to a brother and full fill the mission of F3


-Unspoken and PAX not present


-Compost was slated for the Q today although he text YHC last night and asked for a sub as he was feeling under the weather, he will make up next week.

-Big Spur salty again this am until Fertilizer was announced.

-Boose cant get wide on the Burpee because he is part Kangaroo.

-Cable Guy added some extra weight because workouts have become too easy. Guy has no Quit in him!

-PAX discussed how the summertime has taken a toll to the Scale and to our Numbers. Let reverse this ASAP! Here is my plan. Going to reach out to a fellow PAX, HC to workout’s , Post to a different AO.

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