Minivan approved

Conditions: 82 (felt like 89) 82% humidity, light breeze, very light…it was steamy.

PAX: (13), Bayside (DR-Omaha), Clancy (r), NaeNae, Peanut (DR-Birmingham-r), Schnitzel (r), Stogie (DR-Birmingham-r), Bartman (QIC)

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional.  Work out at your own risk.  Modify as needed. You’re already here, might as well make the best of the next 45 minutes…reminded by Schnitzel


  • Michael Phelps x 15, AC both ways x 10, OHP’s x 10, SSH’s 46 (# of hot dogs consumed by female winner of Nathans Hot Dog eating contest), TTT x 10….all IC.


  • Group mosey around big loop with 5 stops. At each stop 5 burpees (Minivan approved # of burpees) and 10 seal jacks were completed. 4 laps were done for a total of 100 burpees and 200 seal jacks.
  • Circled back up at the flag for 4 min of stretching.
  • Done


  • N/A



3rd F at Java Burrito this Wed (tomorrow) at 0755.


  • Families and friends of Highland Park shooting victims
  • Elderly parents and the challenges with end of life decisions.
  • Unspoken


  • Had another respect heavy group…5 out of 7 pax.
  • Possible wet t-shirt contest between Peanut and NaeNae…my $ is on NaeNae.
  • Clancy can burpee with the best of them…way to push it!
  • It was a Tuesday…where was JV?
  • It’s getting hot out there fella’s…hydrate or die.
  • #Nofnslack

It gets said each time but it is truly an honor and privilege to take the Q and lead you men and I know I get pushed beyond my comfort zone each time I do. Thank you for the opportunity.

Bartman, out!

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