1776 Patriot Games

07.04.2022 at the Yacht Club

PAX: Minivan, Tubbs, JV, Spaghetti O, Mater, Bartman, Chumbucket, Radar, Schnitzel, Clancy, Hermanos, Nae Nae, Spicoli, Bayside (DR)Squid/Spaulding-Co-QIC

Conditions:  78 degrees – very muggy

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger, and faster today.

Pledge of Allegiance

Warmup:  TTTx10

The Thang – 1776 Patriot Games (courtesy of F3 Suncoast)

1 mile run (1776 yards)

100 reps of each exercise (single count)





Moroccan Nightclubs

Leg Scissors


Step ups


American Hammers

Mtn Climbers

Shoulder Taps

Plank Jacks

High Knees



100-yard Bear Crawl & 76 Burpees

Mary – no time



3rd F – JAVA Burrito – Wednesday, July 6th 0755am (second chapter of the book)

2nd F – Lunch – Wednesday, July 13th @ Noon



-A few disclaimers by YHC 1) I’m not responsible for today’s beatdown.  It’s courtesy of F3 Suncoast 2) I’m not responsible for the playlist.  My M put it together!

-Two PAX showed up in their silky American Flag shorts.  There was a bet afterwards!

-JV was presented with the Golden Hoka for his leadership, motivation and friendship.  Let’s see if we get confirmation it was placed on the mantle.

-Four shovel flags planted – well done fellas

-Coffeteria followed with some American adult beverages consumed – TY Squid

-As usual YHC had a dress rehearsal for the PD Flag Raising Ceremony.  Here’s an excerpt:

Each 4th of July, as we celebrate the birth of this great nation, we must remember to give thanks. Thanks for our freedom, our liberty, and our independence.

Two hundred and forty-six years ago, our Founding Fathers dared to dream of a free republic of the people. Today commemorates the day the Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776. Introduced by the Second Continental Congress, the statement outlined that the 13 American colonies were united, independent states, no longer subject to the British monarch.

Today, we honor those colonists who fought for our freedom and pledged their lives to defend our inviolable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They left a legacy that lives on today through generations of Americans who have made that same pledge to boldly stand up against tyranny, oppression, and persecution.

Those who serve in our armed forces, and their families, have given so much to defend the ideals and free institutions we so often take for granted. Their dedication reminds us that freedom is not free and preserving America’s liberties comes with a heavy cost. Today, as we celebrate our nation’s birth, let us honor their service and strive to be worthy of their tremendous sacrifices.

Until next time ~Spaulding


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