DORA (with a restrictor plate) and astronomy tutoring


CONDITIONS: 72 degrees, clear, 0-3kts WSW, low humidity

PAX: Sawed-Off, McFlurry, Meatgazer, Gambit, Judge Judy, Ballcock, Swanson, Cow Bell, Squid-QIC

WARM UP: Mosey to bridge, Lunge Walk across, Mosey to Boundary St intersection, TTT x 10, IW x 10, Mosey down Water St to Church of the Cross.

THANG: partner up for a DORA one partner does exercise while other runs 100yd to top of dock ramp and back.

Burpees x 100

BBSU x 150

Squats x 200

Flutter x 250

There was a 30# rucksack involved; each PAX was to do a round of exercises with the ruck, run with the ruck, and then pass it to the next man.

Indian Run back to the SF with the head of the line doing a rifle carry with the ruck, handing it off as next PAX comes to the head.

Mary: BBSU x 10 and then Flutters for remainder of minute…4 rounds/minutes.


COT: Goose and his medical team, Peaches and kids, all those missing PAX who are sick/lame/lazy.


-Buckeye is not going 6 for 6…maybe next week but not this week.

-Good to have Meatgazer in the mix, today was one in a row, let’s go!

-The rucksack is about 45% of Judy’s body weight.

-Gambit loves each of us the same amount.

-The bright thing in the sky resembled a waning gibous moon, Swanson swears it was a satellite. He also knows a lot about Uranus.

Always a privilege to lead,

Squid, OUT!

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