PAX: Big Spur, Sawed Off, Peaches (QIC), Cable Guy (Respect), Ambien (Respect), Judge Judy, Buckeye, Swanson

Conditions: 72 Humid

Mission of F3 is to Plant, Grow and Serve Small workout groups for the invigoration of Male Community Leadership. Now lets serve this WO group.

Disclaimer: Push, encourage, do not injure or annoy


Pigeon Stretch x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

TTT x 10 IC

Mosey to Bus Loop

Hindenburg BLIMPS

We will use the above acronym and the bus loop to complete the following.

Burpees x 10 at 4 stops

Lunges x 20 at 4 stops (per Buckeye form)

IW x 30 at 4 stops

Merkins x 40 at 4 stops. Broken up and IC by YHC, Buckeye, Sawed off and JJ

Pickle Pointers x 50 at 4 stops

Squats x 60 at 3.5 stops





-HH tomorrow at R Bar 5-7. Mcflurry buying his first and last drink (they are not the same)

-Squid with the #MOB Q tomorrow

-Friend of Sawed Off’s M who recently passed away

-YHC 2.2 who has RSV for speedy recovery


-JJ trying to sell his grill after the WO due to Fathers day burn.

-Quiet crew this am until Pickle Pointers were counted IC, some laughed, some cried, some refused eye contact.

-The Merkins were tough but we got them done as a group.

Always a pleasure to lead, Peaches out!

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