DATE: 24 MAY 2022

WEATHER:  Clear, 70s, great morning to work out.

PAX:  Spaulding(R), Nae Nae, JV, Minivan (R), Spaghetti-O, Maiden (Birmingham), Hi-Liter, Hermanos, Clancy(QIC)

DISCLAIMER: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger, and faster today.

WARMUP:  SSHx20ic, Imperial Walkersx15ic, TTTx10ic

WORKOUT:  Mosey to coupons, then to parking garage.

Q calls out an exercise.  Everyone does it until the ‘six’ finishes the exercise.  Yes, there were 9 of us.

  • BBS with coupon x 12

Shuffle Run up ramp w/coupon to 2nd floor landing.

  • Pushups on coupon x 25
  • Flutter kicks w/coupon overhead x 50 (double count)
  • Tricep press with coupon x 25

Lunge walk w/coupon to bottom of next ramp.

  • Ski-jumps x 10 (single count, no coupon)
  • American Hammers with coupon x 20
  • Lawn mowers w coupon, 25 each arm

Shuffle Run up ramp w/coupon to 3rd floor landing.

  • Plank – 1 minute (some did with coupon on back)
  • Wall squad – 1 minute (some did with coupon on knees – nice job)

Lunge walk w/coupon to bottom of next ramp.

  • Leg raises with coupon overhead x 25
  • Dips on railing (no coupon) x 25
  • Jump Knee Tuck (no coupon) x 25

Shuffle Run up ramp with coupon to 4th floor landing.

  • Curls w/coupon x 25

Mosey to stairs and return coupons, then mosey to bike racks by pavilion.

  • Inverted rows x 25
  • Dips on front of pavilion x 25

Return to flag – five-minute stretch.


  • Prayers for Nae Nae and Hermanos’ Dads who are both dealing with health issues – prayers for healing in mind and body.
  • TYC Anniversary is this Friday.
  • Convergence set for this Sat.
  • ‘Murph’ is set for Memorial Day.
  • Sign up on Q sheet – June is open and May has one date left.
  • Have a great day, all.

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