Thor’S Primus hammertime!

F3 The Bus Depot Backblast for Wednesay, May 11th 2022

Pax: NaeNae, Tubbs, Minivan(r), ChiaPet(dr), Radar, Squid(r), and Schnitzel(r) QIC

Weather: Could not have been better! Low humidity, 62F, no wind, starry morning.

Warmup: Stretches with Michael Phelps, More Stretches, IW10X, More stretches.

The Thang: Gathered CMU Coupons and With Thors Hammer and a big tire at one end of the parking stall, plus the ghetto blaster cranking out various Rush, Primus, Grateful Dead, etc., Pax lined up and performed the following exercises until all Pax completed the cycle while, in turn and going down the line, one Pax after another ran down to the other end of the stall and performed 35 of the second designated exercise:

Curls/Thors Hammer; OHP/Merkins; Upright Rows/Squats; Bench Press/1 min plank

Mary: Stretches

Moleskin: “My Name is Mud” was requested, but not played and “Those Damned Blue Collared Tweakers” is actually a song of recognition. Tubbs discovered that “Cygnus X-1” has neither a key, nor a time signature. All Pax now know that “The Pass” was a message from Courage to his daughter and that many people consider Signals to be a Concept Album, beginning with “Analog Kid” and ending with “Digital Man.”

COT: We all have crosses to bear. Prayers for strength.

It’s always a privilege.

Schnitzel out!

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