Where’s my stones

PAX – Bootcamp – Sawed Off, Cable Guy, and Ambien. 

Runners – McFlurry, Big Spur, Cockaboose, and Doc McStuffins. 

Warm up

TTT x 20

Arm Circles x 15 each 

BBQ Squats x 15

Run to bus loop

6 exercises 

50 reps of each (x2) with a 57 stone and run the small loop after each exercise 


Sumo Squats

Triceps overhead

Front raise

Calf raises with block

Regular squat 

After two rounds, the PAX took the long way back to the pad via H.E. McCracken.  

Picked up 2 of the PAX that finished running early and headed to the pad. 

With 10 minutes left, the PAX performed squats with Bring Sally Up. 

With 5 minutes left and Mary is pointless, we did a round to burpees to Thunderstruck.  


Convergence on Saturday before Memorial Day.  Coligny Beach.  

Prayers – Unspoken

Great push today by the all PAX out there today.  Yesterday I made a personal commitment that I’m going to put my name down at least twice a month to Q.  I would hope that everyone else thinks about doing this, it would hold you accountable and hopefully encourage other PAX to post.  

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