PAX:  Goose, TuTu, Schnitzel, MiniVan, Squid, Spaulding, JV, Hardhat, NeNe, Maitre De

Conditions: Low 60’s, beautiful morning to do something completely stupid and utterly pointless

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger, and faster today.  

Warmup: SSHx25ic, Squatsx20ic, TTTx15ic, IWx10ic, ACF&ACB

Thang: February CSAUP month out from P200 run from TYC to Celebration Park with a few stops along the way

  • Neptune Statue (Spaulding) 10 count motivator (Surprise) 11’s with HR merkins and step ups – Run small loop around the area
  • Popeyes parking lot (JV) Lt Dan with Squats and “run up the hill” for lunges 1-4…10-40
  • Compass Rose Park (MiniVan) 11’s with Irkins and Durkins – run between pavilions
  • Deallyon Ave (NeNe) – Minnie Ernie (5xBurpees, 10xMerkins, 25xLunge, 50xLBC, 100xSquat)
    • Run about 50yards between exercises and remain friendly to all pedestrians
    • Short stretching afterwards
  • Celebration Park (Squid) Burpees breakdown 12 squats, run to the other side 13 squats, repeat with merkins, groiners, jump squats.
    • Finish off with 10 Burpees

Mary: None


Announcements:  P200, recruit men                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Prayer: For this group of men that pushes each other to get better not just part of the time but each day.  To get better physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. That we have the freedom and safety  to be outside. 

 Moleskin: 10 men started at TYC for some stretching at a later hour than usual (8:30am) TuTu and JV may have started a little earlier. Spaulding led us into Shelter Cove where the grumbles began right away due to his favorite “Motivator” lets just be happy there was only 10 PAX.  NeNe was side-tracked by a walker that said”I’d like to do this” Never short for words, NeNe gave him the full rundown of our schedule.  We shall see if he shows up next week.  JV then took the lead to Popeyes to get in some “hill” work.  Maitre De was pushing the pace during this stage, we tried to recruit him to run with HHI, but he is committed (we’ll see about 2023) Plenty of mumble chatter during this stage led by Hardhat and Squid.  JV was upset regarding the lack of respect given his hill workout (or his daughter had a birthday party he needed to get to) and promptly left after this stop.  MiniVan then took the lead to Compass Rose Park and quickly realized a change in plans was needed.  The large open area was baking in the sun.  As the smell of Swisher Sweets filled the air we completed our 11’s with no one falling in the water. NeNe led us to Deallyon (verbally upset that we gave him that spot and didn’t let him pick his spot, even trying to go to another location.  Utterly pointless bringing this up, “We are going to Deallyon”. So he took his frustrations out on us by laying down his favorite “The Ernie” although a shortened version it still sucks especially on the side of a road.  Stretching on the pathway gave way to numerous sounds, grunts and looks.  Schnitzel may have enjoyed it a little too much… HardHat and Squid love laying on the hard pavement gazing…(Move along)  At this point Goose is lost, confused telling MIniVan “I thought this was “just” a 6-mile run”.  Squid then took the charge into Celebration Park, where we were the center of attention.  EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS – Goose (71) had “GRANDKIDS” cheering him on at the finish.  WHAT A STUD.  At the end we had 1 triple respect, 1 double respect (TuTU who put in an additional 4 miles) 4 respect – 6 of 10 over 50…..10 of 10 over 40.  Whats your excuse?

7.6 miles (around that) plenty of squats, merkins, burpees and other crap.

5 PAX moved on to Pool Bar Jims for libations and food

Putting in work at a different hour – Realize the benefits of a “pre sun” workout, the need to get in some sort of exercise midday in prep for the P200.  And, more visible to people that cause curiosity for F3.  

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