Contingency Plan


PAX:  MiniVan, Radar, Clancy, Tubbs, Spaghettio

Conditions: Low 40’s, damp, brisk morning

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger, and faster today.  

Warmup: Move to our covered walkway area

Thang: 11’s with 10 count Flutters(100-90-80…) and 2-count SSH’s at far end 

Mosey 1 direction / Hard run the other (each direction is about 1/10 mile

After the 5th round run the 1 mile loop around the school complex with ¾ mile as hard as you can

Finish up your 11’s

AYG Indian Run back to SF 

Mary: None


Announcements:    Last day to sell pork butts.  SIgn-up to cook pork butts.  CSAUP coming up                                                                                                              

      Prayer: Radars first date in Junior High is now in Hospice care (2 young girls at home) Minivan’s mid-60 YRO neighbor passed away early Sunday morning.  Put life into perspective, we never know the time or the hour that our day will be called.  Make the most of each and every day and choose to live life.  

Moleskin: YHC had to make a judgment call at 4:50am this morning.  long loop in the cold and rain or contingency plan.  Once I stepped outside the decision was made for me as the rain pelted me.  Pulling into TBD lot I fully expected to be the only one, head home early and post everywhere that I had a great solo workout.  Then Tubbs pulled, then Clancy, then Spaghettio, then Radar.  SO much for my plans.  I really think all the guys were let down that we did not put in the 6.5 mile loop. Surprisingly we managed 4.72 miles under cover and 1 long loop.  Tubbs is still figuring out how to work his new watch. 

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