Balls of Steel


PAX:  MiniVan, Spaulding, JV, Nae Nae, Ambien, Squid, Clancy, Brutus 

⅝ Respect

Conditions: Low 30’s, damp, brisk morning

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger, and faster today.  

Warmup:  TTTx10IC, Air Pressesx10IC, ACFx10IC, ACBx10IC, Curb dance for 45s

Thang: Lunge walk to brick circle (low wall) 20 box jumps, Move to mid height – 10 box jumps, move to high wall – 5 box jumps or step ups, move to mid height – 10 box jumps, back to low wall – 20 box jumps

Indian run to parking garage back corner (home base)

Start at home run to first corner (10xGroiners, Merkins, Jump Squats, Pickle Pointers, Flutters2c)

Back to home base (1st back does 8 burpees, 2nd does 7, so one done to 8th does 1 burpee

2nd corner 20 reps each (back to home for burpees)

3rd corner 30 reps each (back to home for burpees)

4th corner 40 reps each (back to home for burpees)

5th corner 50 reps each (back to home for burpees) 

Indian Run back to SF 

Mary: – Circle up, choose your Mary exercise for 22 reps and tell us 1 reason you were thankful in 2021.  Pickle pounders, J-los, American Hammers, BBSU, IW, Get ups, flutters, flutters


Announcements:    Sell Pork butts.  Recruit 1-2 more runners for P200                                     Prayer: We realized during Mary how thankful we all were for family – expanding, health, safety, maturity, relationships, reunions                                                                                           Moleskin: Nae Nae gave this a QR of 2.  Spaulding didn’t think we were in the garage 75%, Brutus chose the coldest day of the year to make a return,  Ambien let us know all bridges were clear and safe to travel and he still has 1 more college degree to pay for…., JV thought YHC needed help at the high wall for box jumps (I managed just fine) Clancy quietly put in his work and got it done.  Schnitzel wasn’t there but had a smile on his face (J-los and Get ups) Squid had to skip coffee because – he never really said, but I’m guessing there’s a restroom somewhere that could tell us (never eat red curry chicken  the night before) Went to Starbucks for coffee(closed) then went to Krogers Starbucks (Closed) ended up with breakfast at Harolds (win-win-win)  Our balls of steel may have shrunk to marble size this morning but regardless 8 men rose from the gloom, put in work and went home better because of it.


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