The EF4 Corners (03-Jan-2022)

Local PAX On Deck: (7) Squid (R), Goose (Rx3), Tutu (Rx2), Spaulding (R), Hardhat, Hermanos Tubbs (QIC)

Visiting PAX on Deck: (0)


  • Preworkout: 63, feels like 60, winds WSW 24mph, 66% humidity
  • Postworkout: 57, feels like 51, winds W28 mph, 58% humidity

Disclaimers: I am not a trained professional, so you are working out at your own risk. If you are injured, modify as necessary.

Purpose: We are here to push each other to get stronger, faster and sharper together


  • TTT (IC x 10)
  • One lap of the thang together as a group, perform one rep of each exercise


  • 4 Corners with mosey in between exercises
    • Squats
    • Big Boys
    • Side Lunges (R+L = 1)
    • Burpee
  • With each lap increase number of reps for each exercise by 1, up to 9 and then work back down.

Cool Down: 

  • 5 minutes of stretching


  • 3rd F at Java Burrito; 7:50 AM – listen to the podcast and be ready to discuss over coffee
  • P200 Planning and Update meeting at the Palmetto Dunes POA on 1/6 at 5:30 PM


  • Prayers for Andrew’s 13th (son of Hermanos) birthday
  • Minivan and Linda’s continued illness


  • It was windy…
  • Tubbs out

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