CommitmentK 2021 (31-Dec-2021)

Local PAX On Deck: (12) Goose (Rx3), Radar, Tutu (Rx2 – FNG), Mater, Earhart, Spaulding (R), Meatgazer, Squid (R), NaeNae, Schnitzel, Spaghetti-O, Tubbs (QIC)

Visiting PAX on Deck: (0)

Conditions: Great day for a run! Drizzle started and stopped right before, but it was damp everywhere on the ground and in the air

Disclaimers: I am not a trained professional, so you are working out at your own risk. If you are injured, please modify.

Purpose: To push ourselves and to share our commitments for 2022. To become stronger, faster, and sharper today and next year, individually and as a group


  • Not today


  • Starting line in front of fountain to around Belk, across the front of the shopping center to the memorial and around the loop, return to starting line
  • Repeat for a total of 40 minutes


  • 3rd F on Tuesday
  • Meeting at Spaulding’s office on 1/6


  • A healthy New Year where we set good examples for our family and our community
  • Each PAX shared at least one item that they are grateful for from 2021


  • Proud to welcome Tutu to F3! Glad you are joining us in the gloom!
  • Spaghetti-O was in beast mode, but Tutu took him at the end
  • Coffeeteria followed the workout and the COT; Thank you Meatgazer!
  • YHC issued a challenge for all PAX to EH three (3) people per month. The victory is in the invite and not in the acceptance, eventually somebody will accept and persistence pays off.
  • YHC provided F3 business cards so that PAX can give to random people they encounter on a day-to-day. I still have extras and will buy more when we run out, as for more if you run out, because I have 200 more currently.
  • Each PAX read the commitments for another, and are stored in a lockbox. It will be opened to see how we are doing during the next 5k time trial on the 5th Friday (April 28th).
  • Thank you to all who participated, and I hope that we can make this an annual event!

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