Stretchy pants

Schnitzel Q #3, Wednesday, 24 November 2021, The Bus Depot

Temperatures, Cold – 42 degrees, skies clear, no wind to speak of.

Pax on Deck: Spaulding, Goose, Minivan & Schnitzel, QIC.

Warmup: TTT 10X, Hillbilly’s 10X, The Merkin 10X Michael Phelps 10X, The Motivator – from 10.

The Thang: Schnitzel led 39 minutes of nothing but stretching. Was a bit nervous about doing that, especially since I kinda violated the spirit, if not the letter of the law by Q-ing 3X in a row this week. It was open, so you should blame yourself for not signing up. Monday’s Core and Tuesday’s arm workouts, especially those stinkin’ NutCrackers, had me tighter than a snare drum. So I took a chance of pissing everybody off (more) by going rogue and stretching for this Q. Personally, I would appreciate it if we did more of that. “Strength without Flexibility is Injury.” I don’t who said that, but enough of us are gimpy to know that it’s true.

The good news is that now you can do pretty much whatever and it won’t be as bad as the last three days. So get your name on that Q sheet or this guy will F it up again. Fair warning.

COT… kinda, sorta

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. I’m sure you’re thankful this week is over. Good luck to those running in the Island Rec Center run, or whatever else you choose to do Thanksgiving morning. 😉

Schnitzel out!

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