Our knees should definitely be dirty

PAX: Peaches, Judge Judy, Buckeye, Big Spur, GATA, McFlurry, Swanson, Cockaboose, Cable Guy (Respect), Cowbell, Squeeler, Porky, Gambit (QIC)

13 PAX began the Holiday week with a punch in the face.

Conditions: 53 degrees and damp

Disclaimer: push yourself, don’t hurt yourself. If you modify, make it look better than Swanson does.

Warm-up: 10 burpees OYO, SSH x 30 IC, Sealjacks x 20 IC, Smurf jacks x 10 IC, TTT x 10 IC Squats x 20 IC, Merkins x 10 IC

Partner up and mosey to the coupons. One coupon per pair and mosey out to Pritchard.

The Thang: Block does not touch the ground unless part of the exercise until time is called. Partner 1 does overhead press while partner 2 runs down pritchard to the light post and back. Flap jack and repeat.

Continue mosey to corner of Bridge and Pritchard stopping for 50 merkins on the block broken into sets of 10. Partner 1 performs 10 while partner 2 planks. Switch until each has completed 50.

Continue mosey to Boundary and Bridge. Partner 1 block clean and press while partner 2 runs to Calhoun and back. Flap Jack

Mosey to Martin Family Park. Partner 1 completes murder bunnies across park while partner 2 bear crawls beside. Switch and return back to start.

Partner 1 performs block squats while partner 2 lunge walks to the crooked Christmas tree and back. Flap jack

Mosey to Dubois to find that the town has removed our pull up bars. Audible over to the grass where partner 1 does Blockees while partner 2 does 10 reps of split squats per leg on the bench. Flap Jack

Partner 1 completes 50 curls while partner 2 does 50 dips on the benches. Flap Jack

Partner 1 does flutters with block pressed over chest while partner 2 completes 25 BBSU. Flap Jack

Swanson seems worried about the time…

Mosey back toward bridge and make the turn to Pritchard. At Pritchard coupon now needs to be carried overhead to the parking lot.

Return blocks to their home and circle up on the pad


Announcements: Porky reports 18K raised at their fundraiser a couple weeks ago. Well Done

Prayers: For all the crazy people in this world


  1. Spur gave up drinking…for a day. He still smelled like stale beer and bad decisions
  2. Squeeler has some issues with traffic lights. Swanson is leading the charge to get it corrected
  3. There was discussion about some guy named Squid who made some questionable comments about the MOB recently. Apparently this same guy lives mere blocks from said AO but has seldom been seem attending. Today was no different
  4. Judy showed up dressed for winter trying to sweat out 10 dollar ultras while man crushing on Trevor Lawrence yesterday.
  5. GATA loves blocks but hates to run. Figured I would try and piss everyone off at the same time today
  6. Boose is adamant that knees have to be dirty in a 3some
  7. Drainage of the new parks was in question
  8. Porky will be back when he has to announce his next fundraiser.

Good turnout this morning fellas. It’s been a while since I had the Q and after being voluntold by Spur last week, well, I had no choice.

Gambit Out!

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