Rush @ The Bus Depot

Backblast for the Bus Depot Nov 15 2021The Canadian Trio:My first VQ at every AO is always my Rush Beatdown which goes something like this. I play a Rush playlist in Chronological order. We change posititions at the change of every song. Break into 3 man teams “bands: Getty, Neil and Alex” Alex plays drums through the entire song (air chair with pavers in hands, play the drums like a mechanical monkey). Getty stays in place (to reach both his Bass and the keyboards) and does the “home exersize (burpees, big boys, merkins mountain climbers, star jumps, bobby hurleys). Alex, does the traveling exersize (lunge walk, sprints, bear crawls, Marios, Kareoke,) When Alex returns back from the traveling exersize, he switches with his band mate and does the home reps. Neil keeps druming. This goes on until a new song starts at which time the drumsticks are exchanged, and it all starts over. As we get through the decades we start to hear Getty get more active on the Keyboards (grace under pressure, Signals….) Ok well thats getting too far into the weeds…Mini Van, Spaulding, Goose, Radar, Schnitzel, surfNturf, Hard Hat, Squid

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