Stretching and Sharing @ The Grind

Local PAX On Deck: (6) Minivan (R), Goose (Rx3), Earhart, NaeNae, Clancy (R), Tubbs (QIC)

Visiting PAX on Deck: (0)

Conditions: 62 degrees with 85% humidity – amazing Carolina morning

Disclaimers: I am not a trained professional, so you are working out at your own risk. The information shared today comes from other, more credible sources. If you are injured please modify.

Purpose: To get a bit stronger and faster in a different way than usual, by building a good routine and foundation for P200 (or other races). We must take care of our bodies as almost all PAX in Hilton Head are considered old, or will be old soon. YHC will post all resources to the Run Day database, and send the link via slack.

Warm-up: This stretching routine is performed by a guy that runs a 2:36 marathon. YHC doesn’t take the time to stretch appropriately before hand. Watch the video at the link to ensure proper form

  • Mosey for 60-90 seconds
  • Closing the gate (10-15 Reps each side)
  • Opening the gate (10-15 Reps each side)
  • Leg Swings Forwards/Backwards (10-15 Reps each side)
  • Leg Swings Side-to-Side (10-15 Reps each side)
  • Walking Lunges (8-10 Reps and then return)
  • Butt Kicks (10-15 Reps and return)
  • High Knees (20 seconds x2)


  • Performed 1 circuit of the Body Circuit for Endurance Runners (Posted in Database and has descriptions and pictures). Recommended frequency and duration is listed in the document posted.
  • Run 20 minutes at own pace around the Belk/Kroger loop

Cool Down: Stretching routine provided by National Hospital Services (The National Hospital System of the UK). I took the liberty of adding shoulder rolls.


  • 2nd F Next Thursday (18-Nov-2021) – Talk to Spaulding
  • Buffalo Run on 13-Dec-2021
  • Gift Cards for the Boys and Girls Club – Talk to Spaulding
  • Turtle Trot in Palmetto Dunes – Talk to Spaulding and he will also give you a beer afterwards


  • That we would identify and not listen to our jesters
  • Minivan for a good, well run, and injury-free race on Saturday


  • Many people joke about it, but today we stretched and shared
  • Clancy was the guest of honor for the second time this week, posting three days in-a-row and making a rare Run Day appearance
  • Minivan actually started and ended with us, which is a rare treat these days
  • NaeNae will be applying to open the bathrooms at Shelter Cove as a side hustle, since he is already there.
  • QSource: Jester
    • YHC pulled an audible and will be discussing this topic for at least one (1) more week
    • Jester: The temptation of the flesh that hinders acceleration
    • Every man has his own personal jester. We discussed some jesters in our lives, and why they are challenges.
    • Reflected on how our pride is a jester, and how it prevents others from joining in the gloom. The excuse of seeing that they aren’t where they were previously and/or near the back of the pack
    • Homework for next week: think of one jester in your life that you need to overcome to accelerate, and be ready to discuss
    • Lexicon of the day: Canseco – A Jackass who gracelessly tells a hard truth.
    • Exicon of the day: Manmaker – Dumbell Merkin followed by right arm and left arm rows. Jump feet in then bring the weights up to shoulders while squatting. Similar to a dead lift. When coming out the squat shoulder press at the top.
    • Bible Verse: “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out of us.” Hebrews 12:1
  • Always a privilege to lead men on Fridays @ The Grind…more of you should come out and join us

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