Stairway to Seven

November 2, 2021

58 degrees and dark, clear skies and ideal

On Deck: Minivan and Tubbs (both still on a streak), Spaulding, Hermanos, Radar, Mater, Dow (Raleigh – but coming to a HHI location near you), Wham, Squid, Gekko, Nae Nae, Subprime and Spahetti-O (QIC)

Warm Up: SSH x 25, TTT x10, Hillbillies x 10, Imperial walkers x10, Arm circles both directions x10, Air presses x10

The Thang: Mosey toward Water’s Edge with a stop halfway there for 40 dips and 20 derkins.

At Water’s Edge #1 PAX were introduced to Stairway to Seven. PAX start with 1 Burpee and 1 incline Merkin, Bunny Hop up the steps (3rd Floor) 1 Rockette Squat (double count), this was continued until all PAX hit 7 Burpees/Incline Merkins and Rockette Squats.

At Water’s Edge #2: Stairway from Seven. Starting at 7 reps Burpees and Incline Merkins singel steps to the 2nd Floor, 7 Squats, continuing down to 1Burpee/Incline Merkin and 1 Squat at the top.

Mosey back to the flag for Flutters or circle back for the six.

Announcements: Coffee this morning 0755 at Java Burrito. F3 Lowcountry is logging miles in November for awareness of men’s suicide (60 per day). If you’d like to participate and log miles get connected online and support the cause. The goal is 60 miles for the month. PD Thanksgiving day run and the Palmetto Bluff run sign up. Oysterfest this weekend. Lantern Parade the following weekend.

Prayers: Spaghetti-O’s brother Ben (2nd round of chemo), Mater’s safe travels, Bartman in Illinois, and other prayer requests undeclared.

It is Men’s Health Awareness month, so do something for your health. It affects everyone around you.

Moleskin: This was a great push by all and a great group to have out on a Tuesday morning.

I am grateful for many things, This excellent group of men is among the top of the list. It is a pleasure to lead and to serve.


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