Better Late than Never; Stop Complaining!! (Occurred on 10/14)

Local PAX: (5 maybe?) Spaghetti O, Spaulding (R), Hermanos, Tubbs (QIC), and unnamed since I forgot

Visiting PAX: (1) Doubtfire

Conditions: About 70 degrees with moderate humidity.

Disclaimers: I am not a trained professional, so you are working out at your own risk. Do not hurt yourself, but if you are injured, please modify.

Purpose: We are here today to push ourselves, and the guy next to us, to become a bit better, faster, and stronger.


  • Mosey the track from flag to stage, and then to the blocks
  • Mosey back to flag with the blocks and drop off
  • Dynamic and Static Stretching
    • Mummy Walks
    • Walking Knee to chest grabs
    • Walking Quad Stretch
    • Walking lunge with twist
    • School Yard Skips
    • TTT (x10 IC)
    • Michael Phelps (x10 IC)
    • Arm Circles both ways (x10 IC – each direction)

Thang: Tabata: 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest alternating exercises

  • Round 1: Overhead Press/Block Hops with Squat
  • Round 2: Kettle Swings/Bonnie Blairs
  • Round 3: Bicep Curls/Carolina Dry Docks
  • Round 4: Blockees/Rowpees
  • Round 5: Big Boys/Flutters

Cool Down: Lot of Stretches


  • 2nd F Lunch on 10-21
  • 2nd F Happy Hour before end of the month
  • Run Day Tomorrow


  • Those with Cancer and other diseseases
  • For those that haven’t posted in a while that it would be placed on their hearts to return


  • YHC acknowledges that there are errors in this backblast due to delay (missing PAX listed, Mumble Chatter, and exercises listed). A 50 burpee penalty has been self-imposed.
  • There was LOTS of complaining about the timer: time passed quickly, beeps weren’t loud enough, voice wasn’t sexy enough
  • Some complaining about getting wet from the morning dew
  • Doubtfire would rather do Burpees than Flutters. I love burpees, but sometimes I would rather do flutters…
  • SYITG!

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