The Bus Depot

10.13.18 @ The Bus Depot Formerly Known As The Brig

PAX:  Spaulding,Radar, MiniVan, Tubbs, Squid, Chumbucket, Schnitzel, Spaghettio, Ambien, Earhardt, Hermanoes, Narco, Goose, Alright Alright

Conditions:  Mid 60’s, low humidity, clear skies, perfect conditions 

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger, and faster today.  

Warmup:  TTTx10IC  (Clapping = 1 burpee penalty)


Count off odd/ even for Indian Run (alternate carrying weighted ball)

  • Creative School entrance
    • 11’s with BBSU and Merkins around the small loop
    • Indian Run to IRC BB
  • IRC BB
    • Motivator
    • Indian Run to bus entrance of MIddle School
  • Middle School
    • Carioca out and back
    • School yard skip 
    • Back pedal
    • Indian Run to pull up bars
  • HS Pull up bars
    • MAX set x 3 
    • Plank between sets
    • Indian run to HS Auditorium steps
    • Curb step ups for 6
    • Indian run back to AO
  • At the AO (with pavers) 4 corners
    • 10 x lat raises
    • 13 x overhead press
    • 18 x curl
  • Finish it off with a HOT LAP

Mary: No TIME                                                                                                                                                  Done! Announcements: 2nd F coming up – Lunch/ Happy Hour maybe both Prayer: Singlet is back in hospital with foot/ ankle injury from Dafauski, All those fighting cancer, marriages, spouses.                                                                                                                                           Moleskin: Once again the counting issues with the PAX quickly came to surface as we counted off and then asked for all the 1’s and all the 2’s to line up.  Would have been better to be odds and evens…  Alright Alright may be the fastest when he comes to town, but he’s also the fastest to mess up (Could not properly count the Motivators even though he had 8 PAX ahead of him, and tried to cut the hot lap short and then risk twisting an ankle…) Sometimes, those older guys are methodical in their ways for a reason, young grasshopper.  Without hesitation Spaulding knew why we were at the IRC BB Courts. We almost cut out Radar’s Pullup stop but then realized Hardhat is not here so, let’s cut his stop out.  Earhardt physically demonstrated why headlights while running and knowing where curbs are is so important, almost wiping out of the bridge.  We completed a lot today, men;  good mileage and hard work!

The Brig is now officially “The Bus Depot” 

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