Rocky Weights


Cable Guy (Respect), Buckeye, Paladin (Cotter), Peaches, Handy Manny, Gambit,


Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
Hillbillies x 20 IC
Tempo Squats x 10 IC
Arm Circles Forward X 15 IC
Arm Circles Reverse x 15 IC

The Thang:

Mosey to Cindy Pile:

Each Pax pick up a Cindy and head to bus loop. QIC and Peaches carried Paladin and Handy Manny’s Cindy while they rolled Peaches tire to the bus loop.

Comense Rocky Weights

Each PAX Complete each of the 6 exercises listed below:

Block Clean and Press X 15

Lunges with the Block X 10 each leg

Merkins on the Block X 15

Tricep Extensions with the Block X 20

Block Kettle Bell Swings X 20

Block Curls X 20

After completed, 3 PAX pick up Peaches Tire and mosey around bus loop. Pause on QIC command and perform 10 shoulder presses with tire.

4 remaining PAX take Peaches tire and Mosey around to other side of Bus Loop. Pause on QIC command and perform 10 shoulder presses with tire.

Pass tire back to original PAX to complete loop.

Rinse repeat two more times with blocks and tire carry

Carry blocks and roll Peaches tire back to Cindy pile. Gambit and Peaches doubled up on Cindys for Paladin and Handy Manny to roll the tire.

Mosey from Cindy pile via shortcut back to Flag


Dirty Dogs X 10 IC each leg

Alabama Ass Kickers X 10 IC each leg

Straddle Stretch Right, Middle, and Left X 10 IC

Butterfly Stretch X 15 IC



2nd F Lunch Downtown Deli Noon

Sign up and Fill the Q sheet


For Ball Cock, his family, and his mother who passed yesterday.

QICs former team mate who passed away this week at 37.

Coach K and his continued treatment and praise for the response seen to date.

Buckeyes fellow Marine Hando who received a recent cancer diagnosis.


Buckeye was demoted from the 3 man tire team to the 4 man team. Effin Runners

Gambit cruised in the workout with great form, Beast!

Peaches was asking for a tricep modifier in round two of the Cindy circuit

Shout out to Cable Guy. Always out there grinding and getting it done. Even if he is vertically challenged.

Great to see Paladin back out in the gloom and for a great cause to honor Ball Cock and his mother. Make it a more regular thing Brother.

Appreciate the cameo from Handy Manny out at the #MOB.

Great to be out in the gloom leading again this morning. Seems the numbers for my Qs are starting to dwindle a bit. Im not sure if its the lack of running or the amount of pain I like to inflict.

Come out and get better!!

Fill out the Q Sheet, step up and lead!!

Come out and support your fellow PAX!!



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