Beat the Clap out of you!

Local PAX: (7) MiniVan (R), Squid (R), Clancey (R), JV, Spaghetti O, Spaulding (R), Tubbs (QIC)

Visiting PAX: (1) Mr. Burns (Cherokee), Dufrane (Can’t recall home AO)

Conditions: About 70 degrees with moderate humidity. More humidity than a couple of weeks ago, but not like the month of July.

Disclaimers: I am not a trained professional, so you are working out at your own risk. Do not hurt yourself, but if you are injured, please modify.

Purpose: We are here today to push ourselves, and the guy next to us, to become a bit better, faster, and stronger.


  • TTT (x10 IC) – These were interrupted twice for people clapping; a five (5) burpee penalty was imposed on the group each time. If a visitor clapped, it was not taken into consideration.
  • Mosey to the coupons
  • Acquire coupons and mosey to the grassy area next to the toilets

Thang: Running and circuit training. Each circuit is four exercises of 12 reps (each leg or motion when applicable) completed in order, and then 30 seconds rest before repeating. After three sets, move to the next circuit or run.

  • 1 mile run around the track
  • Circuit #1
    • Head, shoulders, knees and toes with the blocks
    • Lunges with Rifle Carry
    • Bicep Curls
    • Mountain Climbers taking knee to opposite shoulder
  • Circuit #2
    • Pullups/negatives
    • Block Hops with Squat – want to know more?
    • Rowpees: Burpee with out the pushup, and perform a row using the block instead
    • Kettle Swings
  • 1 mile run around the track
  • Recover at the flag


  • 3rd F this morning at Java Burrito
  • Reach out to those who haven’t been posting, the numbers are down, but it isn’t about the numbers. It’s about the push and what we all get from the gloom
  • Turtle Trot on Thanksgiving Day; plan early, because it is expected to sell out. Beer afterwards provided by either Spaulding or JV.


  • Spaghetti O’s brother (Ben) who started chemo today – healing and endurance
  • For those that haven’t posted in a while that it would be placed on their hearts to return


  • The “shrubbery” at the coupons needs to be trimmed back, and the lights at the toilets are not adequate to read the exercises.
  • Motivational techniques were shared, I tried to use phrases and techniques that I have heard during my time of posting to keep moral high.
  • Lot’s of stories shared about past P200s by the locals and the visitors alike
  • Visitors commented on the music selection and stated he would bring it back with him
  • Yesterday, when I said I would take the Q today, I said, “I’ll come up with something fun.” I think I delivered…
  • Great push by all! No complaints were heard
  • A privilege to lead you men through the gloom, and I miss those of you that haven’t posted in a while.

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