Hump Day at the Brig

09.22.21 at the Brig

PAX: Squid, Hard Hat, Crabcake, Ambien, Open Concept (DR), Radar, Minivan, Chumbucket, Tubbs, Spaulding-QIC

Conditions:  73 degrees and still humid

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger, and faster today.

Mosey to the Rec Center basketball courts

Warmup:  TTTx10, Squatsx20, ACx10, Raise the Roofx10, Michael Phelpsx10, Plank – stretch the calves

The Motivator – starting at 10

Thang – 4 corners – Bear crawl the baselines, lunge the sidelines

1st corner – 40 SSH’s

2nd corner – 40 Hand Release Merkins

3rd corner – 40 V-ups

4th corner – 40 Jump Squats

Start at any corner and work your way around either bear crawl or lunge

2nd round – 30 at each corner

3rd round – 20 at each corner

4th round – 10 at each corner

Mosey back to the shovel Flag

Mary  – Flutters



Thanksgiving Day Turtle Trot in PD.

Second F – Thursday, September 30 Happy Hour at Top Dawg



-Minivan and Hardhat thought for sure we were doing suicides

-Good to have Chumbucket back in the gloom

Until next time ~Spaulding

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