Isaiah 40:31 – Welcome to the Grind!

Local PAX: (5) Radar, MiniVan (R), Squid (R), Spaulding (R), Bartman (R), Earhart, Tubbs (QIC)

Visiting PAX: (1) Wham! (Alpharetta, GA)

Conditions: Typical humidity following a heavy rain, the track was slick

Disclaimers: We’re all regulars, but the slippery conditions were identified. Push yourself but don’t wipe out and hurt yourself

Purpose: To launch The Grind and get in some dull, hard work


  • Mosey to the 4-Way Stop and Back
  • TTT (x10 IC)

Thang: To pay homage to run days of the past, we executed every distance that I can remember us covering, except for the long run, and increasing the distance each time (for the most part). Run these as close to race pace as possible.

  • 60 meters
  • 100 meters (The fastest ever recorded)
  • 200 meters
  • 400 meters
  • 800 meters
  • 1 mile
  • Run up the parking deck (not sprint/stop), and then don’t use the brakes on the way down. Let gravity give you a break
  • Mosey to the nearest cone that was setup
  • 600 meters


  • The Grind has a Shovel Flag, which was planted proudly and firmly
    • Yellow and orange to symbolize running reflectors
    • Inscribed with Isaiah 40:31
    • Eagle on top as referenced in the verse above
  • The name “The Grind” was chosen:
    • Definition – hard dull work
    • Grinder is the naval term for the drill pad; maintains the nautical theme
    • Additional definition discussed during COT – Grinds sharpen knives
  • Upcoming 2nd F with spouses
  • Hilton Head Island 1/2 Marathon is November 13th; Buffalo Run is First Sunday in December; P200 is in March.


  • Owen, son of Chris, employee of MiniVan; He is a 6 month old on life support, who is only on life support to allow for extended family to travel and visit/say goodbye.
  • For the new AO to have a ripple effect in the community. That it will mold men, and groom them into leaders with courage, kindness, compassion, gentleness, fear of the Lord, strength, and all of the attributes that our broken society needs right now.


  • It was great to hang out after a hard dull workout with good men and simply talk.
  • It’s a privilege to be in the gloom and to lead in the gloom, because this is not something that is guaranteed in life. Owen will not have the privilege to experience so many things and his father, Chris won’t either.

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