run to the conflict


CONDITIONS: GLORIOUS…69 degrees, 67% humidity, partly cloudy, NE 2-4kts

PAX: Nae Nae, Spaulding (R), Radar, Schnitzel (R), Narco (COTTERS!), Spaghetti’O, WHAM (Welcome!), Squid-QIC

DISCLAIMER: Q has no medical training, you are working out at your own risk.

WARM UP: In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Sept 11th attack on our country, we will remember all the lives lost but focus on the firefighters of FDNY. There were 343 of them who gave their lives that day.

TTT x 10

IW x 10

Firefighters embody what a F3 PAX is all about: they have a knowledge that there is something out there larger than themselves. They do hard work during unappealing hours and they develop close bonds to those who share their burden. They train to run toward the threat to help those who need it and they stay engaged until there is no threat. When firefighters enter a tall multi-story building, they carry their own hose, folded and bundled into what they call a ‘high-rise pack.” It is not light or insignificant but it is essential. As a memorial to the 343 FDNY members who gave their all on 9.11, a high-rise pack is our coupon.

THANG: Collect coupon from Spaulding’s vehicle and make our way to the stairs, sharing the load of carrying our coupon. Along the way, there is a stop at the wall for DIPS x 30 and IN/OUTS x 30.

Once at the stairs, the PAX count off. 1-8 (for a moment, Schnitzel and Narco tried to be 5A and 5B but it got resolved). Like firefighting, the work will be simple but intense and plentiful. Each PAX is to do Merkins x 30 and BBSU x 30 then run a lap up the stairs. When your number comes up, you run the stairs with the high-rise pack (going the opposite direction, because those doing the hard work run toward the threat when others run away). 11 rounds equals 330 Merkins and 330BBSU.

Sharing the coupon along the way, PAX run back to the flag.

6 MOM: F3 Lowcountry lore and tradition declare Mary pointless but amazingly hard work by motivated PAX provide plenty of time.

-MERKINS x 13 IC (to total 343)

-BBSU x 13 IC (to total 343)

-Various called exercises, in rotation.


COT: 9.11.01 was the single largest hate crime in world history. The perpetrators had no one individual they wished to kill. They killed en mass due to the fact that the United States of America adheres to our Constitution. We believe that all men are created equal and there are human rights that everyone enjoys. Our constitution limits how government or others can infringe on those rights and we protect those right for ANYONE within our borders and any of our citizens abroad. Current events have raised the question of whether 20 yrs of war was worth it. I submit to you that we did improve the lives of the masses everywhere we went to fight the terrorists. We also reaffirmed to the world that if you assault the basic rights of individuals within our shores, we will fly/walk/swim to your region and crawl into a dark cave and shoot you in the face to protect those rights.

At the suggestion of Spaulding, we recited the pledge of allegiance around the SF. WHAM asked if we could sing the Star Spangled Banner. All agreed and he led. WOW. He belted it out with a beautiful voice and as YHC noticed the people who had been walking around the park, stopping and standing respectfully, it made my eyes sweat to the point that it ran down my face.

Prayers for Coach K, Floss, Singlet and thanksgiving for where we live.

Any day is a good day to lead this group. Today was special.

Squid OUT!

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