All about the benjamins

11 PAX showed up for #FesterFriday. 10 stuck around for the workout and left 100x better/more tired than when they showed up.

PAX: Jingaling, Grape Juice, Shop Vac (R), Mountaineer (R), PePe (R), Wipeout (R), Brown Down (R), Sparky (R), My Cousin Vinny, Ready Mix (for about 2 minutes), Fester (Q)

Extra credit to Grape Juice and Ready Mix for putting in 4 miles prior to the workout.

Conditions: Perfect.

Warm-up: SSH, IW, TTT, shuffle around the circle forward and backward, stretch OYO

Main Thang:

Mosey down the waterfront to the compass circle and bear crawl around the circle. Meet back up at the waterfront straight across from Q on Bay.

This is Station One. Station 2 is at Common Ground, Station 3 is the oak tree in front of Q, and Station 4 is at the Henry C. Chambers brick wall.

At Station 1, complete the following exercises with a run to Station 2 and back between each one: 30x Merkins, 30x jump squats, 30x LBCs, 10x burpees. Run to Station 2 and plank for the 6. 100 total reps.

Station 2: same 30/30/30/10 = 100 rep count with run to Station 3 between each exercise: Derkins, air press, American Hammers (only count 1 side), burpees. Run to Station 3 and air chair for the 6

Station 3: you get the pattern: Shoulder taps, squats, flutter kicks, burpees. Run to Station 4 and plank for the 6.

Station 4: Same patter, running back to Station 1 between exercises: chain Merkins, lunges, plank jacks, burpees. Find a post and wall sit for the six.

Mosey back to the flag. We did Thor’s Hammer earlier in the week so I went for Hustler Merkins (1 Merkin/4 Air Press, 2/8, 3/12…10/40) to finish instead. I called it at 7/28.



Prayer requests: Schiltz family suffering loss, family friend’s of Brown Down suffering loss, folks battling the ‘rona.

Lots of respect out there this morning and not much down time in this one. Great work and hard push by all.

Always a pleasure.


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