The gauntlet

Date: 9/8/2021

Weather: Oppressively humid for September

PAX: Gambit, McFlurry, Big Spur, Peaches, Jack Sparrow, Cockaboose, GATA, Johanna (kotters), Cable Guy (respect), Squealer, Swanson, Buckeye – QIC

12 PAX took their DRP and ran The Gauntlet.



SSH x 20 IC, Seal Jack x 15 IC, Predator Jack x 10 IC, Smurf Jack x 10 IC, Mountain Climber x 10 IC, TTT x 15 IC. Mosey out to the parking lot down Pritchard, bust a right at the bus loop and another right onto the trail and over to the block pile. PAX each grab a block at mosey to the field behind Swanson’s pad.


The Gauntlet – a routine loosely based on an Iron PAX WO

Cone 1: Block Thruster x 11 OYO, Murder Bunny 20 yards to Cone 2

Cone 2: Burpee Block Jump x 11 OYO, Walk your block 20 yards to Cone 3

Cone 3: Windshield Wiper legs over block x 11 ea. side, Murder Bunny 20 yards to Cone 4

Cone 4: Alt. one hand on the block one hand off the block merkins x 11, walk your block 20 yards to Swanson’s Pad.

Blockless Fast mosey across Swanson’s Pad to other side for Speed Skaters x 11 ea. side, fast mosey across PAD and plank for the 6.

PAX pick up their respective blocks and Ranger Shuffle 80 yards back to Cone 1.

Rinse and Repeat

Rinse and Repeat

Cone 1: Block Curl x 11 OYO, Block Curl x 11 OYO, Block Merkin x 11 OYO, Block Overhead Press x 11 OYO, Block Merkin x 11 OYO, Block Overhead Press x 11 OYO, 11-count

PAX mosey blocks over to the block pile, mosey back to the Pad and circle up for:

5 MOM:

Hold high plank

Plank Jack x 11 IC

Hold low plank

Chilly Jack x 11 IC

Superman, Ironman, and Spiderman holds and DONE!


Hard work was done at the MOB! Blocks are always a good thing, need more block work.

Cones spread out that far are hard to find in the dark. McFlurry suggested Glow in the Gloom cones next time. YHC is on the hunt.

Shout out to all PAX who pushed themselves and pushed each other. We all got better together this morning.

Blocks seemed to have little to no affect on McFlurry, Gambit and Peaches who were the pace setters through the Gauntlet.

Prayers for the family of Peaches classmate, continued prayers for Coach K, and unspoken.

11 reps per exercise throughout the WO were a brief reminder of the upcoming 20th anniversary of 9/11 and to take some time to reflect, remember, and to not take life for granted.

As always, it was an honor to lead this group.

Buckeye Out

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