Labor Day at The Bri

09.06.2021 @ The Brig

PAX:  Spaulding, Spaghettio, MiniVan(Q), Bartman,  Brutus, Schnitzel, Ambien, Tank (DR-Knoxville), Swanson & Swanson 2.0….(name?)

Conditions:  Low 80s and some humidity

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger, and faster today.

Warmup:  TTTx10IC, IWx10IC, HBx10IC, ACFx10IC, ACBx10IC.  Indian Run lap with front runner carrying weighted exercise ball.

Thang: Brig Challenge.  First runner out the gate carries the weighted ball until someone catches him.  If the weighted ball is sitting when you start your run, pick it up and go.

  • 10 Wipers (2count) run lap
  • 20 V-ups run lap
  • 30 Groiners run lap
  • 40 Big Boys run lap
  • 50 Merkins run lap
  • 60 LBC run lap
  • 70 Mountain Climbers (2 count) runlap
  • 80 Squats run lap
  • 90 Flutters (2 count) run lap
  • 100 Burpees run lap

Mary: PAX get on your 6 in a row, hold your legs 6” off the ground and pass the weighted ball down the line.  We made 4 passes


Announcements: Supposedly a 2nd F will be held at Java Burrito at 7:55am Tuesday.  JV is in town and does remember this week.  Couples 2nd F coming up(there is a lot of smack talk regarding a margarita challenge)

Prayer: Coach K (Bluffton), Spaghettios brother (Ben), Tank celebrating 24th anniversary.  Unspoken 


Spagettio made a rare appearance to The Brig –  Good to see him!  The weighted ball added some fun to the lap.  We quickly forget the amount of burpees we were regularly doing in July.  Need a way to slow Bartman down?  Make sure he runs 15miles the day before and then make him carry a 12# pound ball when he runs.  Brutus tried to dribble the ball…Schnitzel still struggles with “Whose watch keeps track of time” Swanson was glad he crossed the bridge to see an old familiar workout

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