“Meatloaf’s Massacre” short version

PAX: Cable Guy (Respect), Big Spur, Cockaboose, McFlurry, Swanson, Sawed Off, Porky, Buckeye, Gambit, GATA, Peaches (QIC)

Conditions: Breezy, 72 degrees at Flag. No Breeze at Bus Loop

Warm Up:

TTT x 10

Dirty Dogs x 10 both ways

Arm Circles x 10 both ways

Grab block from the pile and mosey to Bus Loop.

“Meatloaf’s Massacre” short version

10 Blockee’s

20 Block swings

30 Block Presses

40 Block Squats

50 Merkins on the block #crowdpleaser

4 Laps

Repeat above

3 Laps

Repeat above

2 Laps for some out of time

Return Blocks and mosey to flag


Flutters x 10

Alabama Ass Kicks x 10 each side




F2 Lunch DDD @ Noon

Prayers: Coach K, and all Parents and Teachers


-The original Meatloaf Massacre was lead by Buckeye during the IRON PAX challenge 2 years ago. Full version involves 400 meter loops and each PAX to complete routine 4 times. YHC barely finished in an hour then. Would not have finished today. Good indicator he needs to tighten up.

-Sawed feels the same about blocks as he does leaving for the P-200 at 4:00 am.

-Swanson and Gambit had interesting convo about visualizing each other on Friday nights?

-Boose was prepped for todays workout by doing 100 merkins with his 2.0 last night

-GATA throws blocks around like they are a piece of Bread.

-Spur said this workout made him want to get a dental Implant

-YHC hates blocks but after today was reminded that we need more blocks

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