Choose Your Own Destiny

Local PAX: (5) Radar, Schnitzel (R), MiniVan (R), Squid (R) Tubbs (QIC)

Visiting PAX: (1) Chia Pet (St. Louis) – He’s posted more on his vacation than most if not all regulars during the same period of time

Conditions: There were multiple breezes

Disclaimers: I am not a trained professional. If you are injured, please modify.

Purpose: To get a little bit faster, and stronger today. Push yourself and the guy next to you. Today is about making choices…


  • TTT (x10 IC)
  • Imperial Walkers (x10 IC)
  • Arm Circles (x10 each way IC) – Stopped mid way through to enjoy the breeze that we have not felt in far too long
  • Hillbillies (x10 IC)
  • Michael Phelps (x10 IC)
  • Pick up some bricks and mosey to Wilborn Street

Thang: Create your own workout – 3 cones setup along bus drive with red lights for visual aid. Perform 21s in increments of two (19/2, 17/4, etc.) bicep curls and burpees. Start at Wilborn with Bicep Curls and then run to the cone of your choosing and perform burpees and return to the start:

  • Speedwork and/or higher number of reps: 1st Cone (Approximately .12 miles)
  • Longer Distance Running: 2nd Cone (Approximately .25 miles)

With 5 minutes left Mosey back to the flag

.5 MoM: 30 seconds of LBCs on your own to end exactly at 06:00:00 per the Q’s watch


  • 2nd F on Thursday
  • It’s Chia Pet’s Birthday on Thursday


  • The situation in Afghanistan: the Americans and Afghans that are still there trying to get out, the missionaries spreading the gospel that now have a death sentence on them, those at home to know that as painful and frustrating as this may be that God isn’t surprised that this happened exactly as it did
  • Thankfulness for the multiple breezes felt during the workout; may we be greatfull for the small things in life, not just the large


  • Chia Pet is wise beyond his years
  • The breeze was amazing, and we stopped for a few moments of mindfulness to appreciate it
  • It was a pleasure to start off the month of September in the Gloom with this group of men!
  • I’m sure I missed something

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